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Past tense of undergo.


the past tense of undergo


(ˌʌn dərˈgoʊ)

v.t. -went, -gone, -go•ing.
1. to be subjected to; experience.
2. to endure or sustain; suffer.
[before 1000]
un′der•go`er, n.


(andəˈgəu) past tense ˌunderˈwent (-ˈwent) : past participle ˌunderˈgone (-ˈgon) verb
1. to experience or endure. They underwent terrible hardships.
2. to go through (a process). The car is undergoing tests/repairs; She has been undergoing medical treatment.


pret de undergo
References in classic literature ?
Then the handles of the halberds were let fall upon the heads and shoulders of the rash invaders; at times, also, it was the steel as well as the wood, and, in that case, a large empty circle was formed around the guard; a space conquered upon the extremities, which underwent, in their turn the oppression of the sudden movement, which drove them against the parapets of the Seine.
They could not behold us in that miserable condition without reflecting on the hardships we had undergone, and our brethren then underwent, in Suaquem and Abyssinia.
That occurrence soon became generally known--her nocturnal visit, the change she underwent, and her entry into a convent.
Data from the National Surgery Quality Improvement Program was used to identify 77,030 patients who underwent breast surgery between 2011 and 2015.
PAVmed announced that the first group of nine patients with carpal tunnel syndrome underwent CarpX procedures as part of the first-in-human clinical safety study PAVmed is conducting in support of its planned U.S.
According to a post on Mohd Azis' WhatsApp group, the Sepanggar MP underwent the operation at the Gleneagles Hospital at about 11pm.
The present report compared the clinicopathological characteristics and outcomes of patients with gastric cancer, aged ≥75 years, who underwent operation versus best supportive care and who underwent R0 resection with D1/D1+ versus D2 lymphadenectomy.
Among the 1,076 Caloocan police who underwent retraining, 104 failed and will undergo the process again.
Njoro Deputy Officer Commanding Police Division Gladys Madee on Tuesday said the women aged 21, 29 and 30 underwent female genital mutilation at Mauche Area in Nakuru County.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 4 (ANI): The woman constable, who had filed a plea in the Bombay High Court seeking permission to undergo sex reassignment surgery, on Monday underwent a medical test at Sir JJ Hospital in Mumbai.
During follow-up, 182 of the participants underwent a total of 331 major surgeries, with some undergoing more than one.