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1. One of a pair of hind wings of an insect, especially a moth or butterfly.
2. Any of various noctuid moths chiefly of the genus Catocala, having drab forewings and brightly colored hind wings that are not visible when the moth is at rest. Also called underwing moth.
3. The underside of a wing, as of a bird or airplane.


1. (Zoology) the hind wing of an insect, esp when covered by the forewing


(ˈʌn dərˌwɪŋ)

1. one of the hind wings of an insect.
2. any of several noctuid moths of the genus Catocala, characterized by red-, yellow-, or orange-banded hind wings.
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Noun1.underwing - moth having dull forewings and brightly colored hind wingsunderwing - moth having dull forewings and brightly colored hind wings
noctuid, noctuid moth, owlet moth - usually dull-colored medium-sized nocturnal moth; the usually smooth-bodied larvae are destructive agricultural pests
Catacala, genus Catacala - moths whose larvae are cutworms: underwings
Catocala nupta, red underwing - moth having dull forewings and red-marked hind wings
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The FAA in July published a Special Airworthiness Bulletin (SAIB SW-18-19) advising "owners and operators of possible misleading heading and attitude displays when activating electrical equipment, especially electrical equipment that draw high electrical currents." The SAIB was occasioned when an aerial application operator noticed electromagnetic interference exhibited on an Aspen EFD 1000 after energizing an underwing work light system.
The female of the orange tip has a green mottling under its wings while the green-veined white obviously has green veins underwing. The green-veined is also smaller than the 'cabbage' white (small).
PayMe India also claims to have built a proprietary underwing credit evaluation model to keep fraudulent applications and risk potential at the wayside.
The new site will be the 28th city and 26th state in which Matheson provides aircraft ground support services such as underwing operations, material handling and transportation across the United States.
"Underwing and Useful" looks at aircraft launch platforms for drones, including the ubiquitous Firebee.
The B-47B had provisions for in-flight refueling capability, a strengthened structure and ability to carry underwing fuel tanks.
And with warm weather from the continent expected in the next few days, a surge of migrant moths could join the autumnal species such as the pink-barred sallow and lunar underwing regularly seen refuelling on ivy blossom.
These include 20 Greek T-6As capable of carrying external fuel tanks and unguided weapons, Moroccan T-6Cs that feature a 'glass' cockpit, stores management system and underwing hardpoints, and the Mexican T-6C+ that also offers weapons capabilities.
The drone was displayed recently in an armed configuration, carrying four guided missiles loaded on two twin-launchers, carried underwing. The State TV said the drone can carry up to eight weapons, designed to hit stationary and mobile targets alike.
While it had no built-in armament, the T-2 had two underwing hardpoints for .50-inch gun pods, 100 pound practice bombs or 2.75-inch rockets.