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1. A semicircular wire support sewn into the underside of each cup of a brassiere.
2. A brassiere with such a wire support.


1. (Clothing & Fashion)
a. the wire under the cup section in a bra
b. (as modifier): underwire bras.
2. (Clothing & Fashion) (as modifier): underwire bras.
(tr) to support with wire underneath


(ˈʌn dərˌwaɪər)

1. a wire sewn into the underside of each cup of a brassiere, used for support and shape.
2. a brassiere with such wires.
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The creation, which works by pushing a cap onto the underwire in a process that takes seconds, captured the imagination of judges at last month's British Invention Show, where it won double gold, coming first in the consumer category before being named the invention of the year.
Triumph has a dramatic green swimsuit with underwire cups and adjustable straps.
Round: A thin bra without underwire so you don't need to change the position of your breasts.
The women's sets are not made with any underwire that will poke you while you are sleeping and the satin is an easy care, virtually wrinkle free polyester blend.
The bra is made of polyester, nylon and elastane and has a toughened underwire to give maximum lift.
Bravado Allure After you've been breastfeeding for six weeks (due to the underwire), this nursing underwear is ideal for looking good and providing easy access for feeding.
underwire Rose pounds 16 And, if you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift - or the perfect hint to your man -floral printed silk pyjamas are adorned with an embroidered 'K' and come with a drawstring bag in the same material.
And while their underwire push-up bras might be considered cheap by Irish shoppers at EUR6.99 each, German women can buy the same bras for EUR2 less.
With gathered detail and hidden underwire support, it offers a stylish alternative to the traditional swimsuit.
The Odille collection at Oasis has China Rose bra for pounds 24 and rose embroidered shorts for pounds 14.; Marks and Spencer Verona range includes lace padded bra for pounds 22 and high leg brief for pounds 8; Find the Vintage Rose collection at Bhs with camisole for pounds 12 and french knicker for pounds 10; Debenhams has the redherring collection with mesh vest for pounds 12 and shorts for pounds 6; Valisere Magia bustier for pounds 95 and matching string for pounds 22 at Beatties; Mackays has underwire bra for pounds 14 and embroidered short for pounds 8