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1. A semicircular wire support sewn into the underside of each cup of a brassiere.
2. A brassiere with such a wire support.


1. (Clothing & Fashion)
a. the wire under the cup section in a bra
b. (as modifier): underwire bras.
2. (Clothing & Fashion) (as modifier): underwire bras.
(tr) to support with wire underneath


(ˈʌn dərˌwaɪər)

1. a wire sewn into the underside of each cup of a brassiere, used for support and shape.
2. a brassiere with such wires.
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channeling, fusible interfacing, hook and eye tape, underwires, tricot, stain plush elastic and facing plush elastic (1).
Mastectomy patients, women who are nursing or simply those with very sensitive breasts, can find underwires painful, but with bra technology evolving more rapidly than ever, it's never been easier to wear a pretty bra that keeps your breasts healthy, too.
No underwires make for maximum comfort but not much extra support.
How long, I'm wondering, before the wearers of Miracle Bras are forced to remove their metal underwires and let them ride through the X-ray machine in the little basket that carries keys and loose coins?
Another one of Triumph's bright ideas is the new Clic & Wash bra, specially aimed at those of us who constantly get their underwires swallowed by the washing machines.
Many women present to surgeons with back and shoulder pain, even sores or welts from straps and underwires digging into their skin - they blame the size of their breasts and wish for a surgical reduction.
I believe this exciting innovation has the same potential to revolutionise underwear for our generation as underwires transformed the underwear drawers of women in the 1950's, offering a completely new bra construction which delivers on shape and support but is wire free," she said.
The only indicator was that the underwires sat on the breast tissue and I would have to spend time pulling myself into my bra to stop spillage.