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insufficient or inadequate work
vb (intr)
1. to do less work than is expected, required, or suitable
2. to do a particular kind of work for a lower price than other workers in the same field
3. to work in secret


(ˌʌn dərˈwɜrk)

1. to do less work on than is necessary.
2. to employ inadequately.
3. to do less work than is normal or proper.
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Furthermore, Arafat noted that the Zamalek metro station will be included within the third line of the metro, which is currently underwork, pointing out that Zamalek's residents understand the importance of this project.
In "Underwork, work-hour insecurity, and a new approach to wage and hour regulation" (Industrial Relations, October 2015), authors Charlotte Alexander and Anna Haley-Lock juxtapose the workplace conditions the FLSA was designed to address with the challenges faced by hourly or low-wage workers in today's labor force.
What the data reveal is the very real problem of overwork and underwork: many American workers now work more hours than they would like, while many others struggle with insufficient work time.
The survey of 1400 people, out of which 800 were in paid work, also found that while many feel overworked, the problem of "underwork" is also pervasive.
The company pleaded guilty to a charge underwork equipment laws, and had to pay pounds 2,000 costs.