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v. un·der·wrote (-rōt′), un·der·writ·ten (-rĭt′n), un·der·writ·ing, un·der·writes
a. To assume financial responsibility for; agree to pay the costs of: underwrite a theatrical production.
b. To supply with funding, especially as a sponsor: underwrite a public television show.
a. To sign (an insurance policy) so as to assume liability in case of specified losses.
b. To insure.
c. To insure against losses totaling (a given amount).
a. To guarantee the purchase of (a full issue of stocks or bonds).
b. To agree to buy the unsold part of (stock not yet sold publicly) at a fixed time and price.
a. To write under or at the end of something.
b. To subscribe to, especially to sign or endorse (a document).
5. To support or agree to (a decision, for example).
To act as an underwriter, especially to issue an insurance policy.
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1. (Banking & Finance) finance the act of undertaking to purchase at an agreed price any unsold portion of a public issue of shares etc
2. (Banking & Finance) the act of accepting financial responsibility for a commercial project or enterprise
3. (Insurance) insurance the act of signing and issuing an insurance policy, thus accepting liability if specified losses occur
4. (Insurance) insurance the act of insuring a property or risk
5. (Insurance) insurance the act of accepting liability up to a specified amount in an insurance policy
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Unlike the days of cashflow underwriting, insurers today cannot rely on investment income revenue streams to ensure their overall profitability.
Delegated Underwriting allows approved lenders to fully underwrite multifamily loans for Freddie Mac in accordance with its Delegated Underwriting Guide, said Kimball Griffith, Freddie Mac vice president of affordable sales and investments.
Rather than take the traditional route used in addressing the concept and process of underwriting, it breaks rank and takes a different view of underwriting.
David Ingham, Ingham Underwriting, Anthony Worrall Thompson, Nigel Forrest, President of the Birmingham Insurance Institute, Joanne Malin, Central TV' Ian Harris, Deputy President, Birmingham Insurance Institute, Nick Barratt, Ingham Underwriting, Kim Barratt, Ingham Underwriting' Sonya Russell, Ingham Underwriting, Derek Lamb, Birmingham Insurance Institute Vice President, Alan McGregor, McGregor Lloyd' Sharon Williams, Birmingham Insurance Institute, David Price, Ingham Underwriting, Bob Hall, Ingham Underwriting, Richard Godsall, Jukes Insurance Brokers, Jill Smith, Richard Nelson, Business Defence Solicitors
Greystone has specifically targeted resources to the origination, underwriting and servicing of small loans and has a proven track record of delivering small loans to Fannie Mae.
The Board's General Counsel issued a July 10, 2002, opinion that opined that an FHC, under section 4(k)(4)(B) of the BHC Act, could provide as a third-party administrator certain listed services to a third-party insurance company in connection with the sale and underwriting of insurance products.
The attraction of underwriting profit is strong in forming a captive, but there is no guarantee of such profit, and past performance does not predict future results with certainty (especially when legal trends are unpredictable).
Accordingly, because T paid the underwriting fee to X solely to compensate X for its general services in securing financing for T, the fee had to be capitalized.
hits its stride with a chapter called "Underwriting Politics." Ledbetter is devastating as he assesses the flood of corporate money into PBS.
IRC regulations section 1.743-1(a) says the public has transferred property directly to the corporation in exchange for stock if the transaction constitutes a "qualified underwriting transaction." This occurs when the underwriter acts as an agent of the corporation (a best efforts underwriting) or when the corporation's ownership of stock is transitory (a firm commitment underwriting).
Last year, managing directors were appointed in the public and structured finance areas as well as in sales management and trading and underwriting. At the same time, Raymond McClendon became COO, while President Allen Counts and CEO Malcolmn D.
The network is too poor to fund any shows in toto, but corporate underwriting - up 22 percent in the past year - comes with a variety of built-in catches.

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