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Adj.1.undescriptive - not successful in describingundescriptive - not successful in describing  
descriptive - serving to describe or inform or characterized by description; "the descriptive variable"; "a descriptive passage"
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Before that, the event was known by the undescriptive moniker "May Screenings," which didn't really make any sense because, historically, the Screenings were held as early as February, then March, April, May and as late as June 27.
The breeding stocks of Fayoumi, Rhode Ireland Red (RIR) and intercross of Fayoumi, RIR and undescriptive or desi birds meant for the replication of the rural poultry along with backyard poultry were categorized as layer breeding stocks during the study.
Responses ranged from 1 (completely undescriptive of your anger)to 5 (completely descriptive of your anger).
Response options on the original version of the SCS vary on a scale ranging from "-3--very uncharacteristic of me, extremely undescriptive" to "-very characteristic of me, extremely descriptive" (see Rosenbaum, 1980).
Where appropriate, items were simply reworded by replacing "pain" with "sensations" (e.g., "I told myself that I could overcome the sensations") in asking participants to "indicate how much you engaged in (each) activity to cope with distressful and unwanted sensations during the task." Five items were eliminated because their depictions of pain, if merely reworded, were judged to be undescriptive of sensations induced during the task (e.g., "I didn't think of it as pain but rather as a dull or warm feeling").