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1. Not likely to please; objectionable: undesirable intrusions.
2. Not wanted: undesirable aliens.
A person regarded as undesirable: "men tentatively regarded as scoundrels—or at least as undesirables" (New York).

un′de·sir′a·bil′i·ty n.
un′de·sir′a·bly adv.
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  1. About as inviting as Lenin’s tomb —Manuela Hoelterhoff, reporting on a large wall surrounding a new museum complex in Los Angeles, Wall Street Journal, December 15, 1986
  2. About as pleasant as to have an umbrella jammed down your throat, and opened there, and pulled out open, so that the broken ribs lacerate your lungs, and beaten over the head with the handle —Don Marquis
  3. About as thrilling as swimming lessons would be to a middle-aged goldfish —H. C. Witwer
  4. As bad as marrying the devil’s daughter and living with the old folks —G. L. Apperson
  5. As bad as offering Satan a lost soul —Emily Bronte
  6. As desirable as meeting a former lover during a honeymoon —Elyse Sommer
  7. As much fun as a month in Gdansk —Joseph Wambaugh
  8. (John Singer Sargent liked to make painting portraits sound) attractive as catching toads for a living —Manuela Hoeltershoff, introducing review of John Singer Sargent show at Whitney Museum, Wall Street Journal, October 15, 1986
  9. Come like ill weather, unsent for —Brian Melbancke
  10. (She was … ) desirable … like a whore on a street corner —Derek Lambert
  11. Disagreeable … like a scent which raises fine hair on animals —John Updike
  12. Gave him no pleasure … it was like being invited to stretch himself out to be amputated, without an anesthetic —Storm Jameson
  13. (Haggling about military bases) has all the joys of arm-wrestling on a sinking raft —New York Times editorial, March 23, 1987
  14. Have about as much pleasure ahead of us as a pig in a butcher shop —George Garrett
  15. Jumped at the chance like a sardine leaps for the can —Anon
  16. Liked … about as much as I liked snakes or trunk murders —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  17. Like foul weather, you come unsent for, and troublesome when you come —H. G. Bohn’s Handbook of Proverbs
  18. To love as a cat loves mustard —John Ray’s Proverbs
  19. Needed [an unpleasant scene] like a cover girl needs acne —Loren D. Estleman
  20. Position as enviable as that of a catcher on a javelin team —George V. Higgins, on Rolland Smith’s interaction with Mariette Hartley on CBS-TV program, Wall Street Journal, January 19, 1987
  21. To love as the devil loves holy water —John Ray’s Proverbs
  22. To love it as a dog loves a whip —John Ray’s Proverbs
  23. A trifle less welcome than something you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe —C. W. Grafton
  24. An unpleasant guest is as welcome as salt to a sore eye —Danish proverb
  25. Unsatisfying as a set compliment —Heywood Broun
  26. Unwelcome as a mouse in your shoe —Elyse Sommer
  27. Wanted (to play baseball) like he wanted a third nostril —Max Shulman
  28. Welcome as a guest with sneakers at a Palm Beach party —Tom Brokaw
  29. Welcome as a mugger —Anon
  30. Welcome as a painful and chronic disease —Elyse Sommer
  31. Welcome as a storm —Thomas Fuller
  32. Welcome as a tree falling across your Volkswagon —“PM-TV Magazine”
  33. Welcome as Satan —Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  34. Welcome as snow at harvest time —John Ray’s Proverbs
  35. Welcome as the season’s first snowstorm —Anon

    A skier or ski resort operator might look for this under the Desirability category.

  36. (In the rarefied upper echelons of Japanese sumo wrestling, foreigners have been about as) welcome as Visigoths were at the gates of Rome —Clyde Haberman, about wrestler from Hawaii, New York Times, May 28, 1987
  37. Welcome as water in a leaking ship —John Ray’s Proverbs

    To tone down the image of disaster to common distress, there’s another Ray proverb: “As welcome as water in one’s shoes.”

  38. Welcomed … the way a cardiac case does chest pains —William Mcllvanney
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Noun1.Undesirability - the quality possessed by something that should be avoidedundesirability - the quality possessed by something that should be avoided
bad, badness - that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency; "take the bad with the good"
desirability, desirableness - the quality of being worthy of desiring
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(of policy, effect)Unerwünschtheit f; because of the general undesirability of the siteda der Bauplatz durchweg nur Nachteile hat
(of influence, characters, area)Übelkeit f
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The convention also endorsed the statement given by the Pakistan Bar Council and its vice chairman Syed Amjad Shah regarding the undesirability of granting three-year extension in service to the Chief of the Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa.
(7) That the conventions endorsed the statement of the Pakistan Bar Council and his Vice Chairman, Syed Amjad Shah, regarding the undesirability of granting three years extension to the Chief of Army Staff.
According to Morente, the BI will be deporting the two foreigners for undesirability as their passports have already been cancelled by their respective governments.
It describes the knowledge of undesirability of the act, and yet countries acting as individuals continue doing it as a matter of being compensated of the satisfaction associated with the discomfort of emitting carbon dioxide off into the air.
Now I don't care what one's religion is- or even if one has a religion- there's hardly any disagreement about the undesirability of advertising what one is not actually selling.
In arriving at the ruling, the court considered undesirability of duplicating proceedings, extra expenses, inconveniences and whether it will cause prejudice.
Her husband's sister, Cebu Provincial Board Member Grecilda Sanchez-Zaballero, had accused her of 'notorious undesirability, dishonest and immoral or deceitful conduct, grave abuse of authority, grave misconduct and conduct grossly prejudicial to the best interest of the service.'
While varying in their degree of undesirability, all options are poor.
And, just like the rumbles similar decisions generated before and even after the 2015 polls, some individuals and bodies, within the nation's IMC space are beginning to highlight the undesirability of taking such actions and the negative effects it may have on the industry, generally, as the electioneering campaign officially kicked off throughout the length and breadth of the country on Sunday, November 18.
It is its undesirability and its injustice that are the point.
But rather than lament the impossibility and undesirability of world government, we can look to another model.
One can have a debate on the undesirability of the concept of personality cult, i.e.