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1. Not likely to please; objectionable: undesirable intrusions.
2. Not wanted: undesirable aliens.
A person regarded as undesirable: "men tentatively regarded as scoundrels—or at least as undesirables" (New York).

un′de·sir′a·bil′i·ty n.
un′de·sir′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.undesirably - in an undesirable manner; "he was unwantedly friendly"
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"Some of the projects have been re-bidded , however, it took an undesirably long time for the conduct of rebidding of which some took as long as over a year contrary to the rule that period of rebidding should not exceed 15 days or up to 30 days upon approved extension of the Head of the Procuring Entity," the COA said.
Powell has also expressed concern about undesirably low inflation.
In abuse, for instance, forgiveness feels like giving away some of the self to the other, undesirably so.
It has more become an annual balance sheet, undesirably prepared and presented by the federal government, merely as a mandatory constitutional requirement.
This controversy is having an undesirably destabilising impact.
Consumer watchdog groups, such as Environmental Working Group (EWG), have branded these widely-used sunscreen ingredients as "unsafe," describing benzophenone-3 (BP-3) and oxybenzone as "photoallergenic toxicants or allergens," while ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate (EHMC) or octinoxate has been undesirably designated as an endocrine disruptor, although the medical repercussions are still being assessed.
Additionally, some robots may be out of order undesirably. Such a situation causes that the prior experiences of robots becomes invalid.
class="MsoNormalA now undesirably familiar state of fear and limbo engulfed the country and indeed the world akin to that experienced during the August 1998 bomb blast, the September 2013 Westgate Mall attack and the April 2015 Garissa University bloodbath, among other terrorist hits on Kenya as everyone worried about the resultant degree of harm the overzealous gunmen would inflict on civilians minding their everyday business.
Human life attains its true fulfillment when drudgery of existence gets transformed into a meaningful pursuit and education is undesirably the most potent tool to bring about this transformation.
Tuning up your attic insulation before the cold sets in can also help you avoid an undesirably cold winter before it's too late.
Vendors are offering advanced endpoint MDR services that leverage technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to proactively detect attacks, malicious activities, and respond to them before they undesirably affect the enterprises' business operations.
Guest-avoidance tactics are difficult to implement, when you are undesirably visited by your relatives, particularly your in-laws.