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Adj.1.undesiring - having or feeling no desireundesiring - having or feeling no desire; "a very private man, totally undesirous of public office"
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"Really," he said, "you and I in our old age might be hero and heroine of a little romance - the undesiring objects of a hopeless affection!"
Additionally, we would like to develop a runtime recovery strategy to handle the undesiring events, which is also important to enhance the services' feasibility.
Does the amputee who legitimizes the desires of the devotee, or welcomes those desires, buy in, unwittingly, to a widespread societal belief that disability renders women undesirable and undesiring, a belief that stems from a "'desire/disgust binary,' according to which the presence of an amputation makes a woman either desirable (to devotees) or disgusting (to everyone else)"?