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Past tense of undo.


the past tense of undo



v.t. -did, -done, -do•ing.
1. to reverse the doing of.
2. to repair or erase: to undo the damage.
3. to bring to ruin; destroy.
4. to unfasten or unlatch.
5. to untie.
[before 900]
un•do′a•ble, adj.


(anˈduː) past tense unˈdid (-ˈdid) : past participle unˈdone (-ˈdan) verb
1. to unfasten or untie. Could you undo the knot in this string?
2. to reverse, or destroy, the effect of. The evil that he did can never be undone.
unˈdoing noun
(the cause of) ruin or disaster. Gambling was his undoing.
unˈdone (-ˈdan) adjective
(of work, a task etc) not done, or not finished. I don't like going to bed leaving jobs/work undone.
References in classic literature ?
Then I undid the mat, and he looked on the child, and laughed aloud.
Now, my father, I tell you that the marrow melted in my bones with terror, for if I undid the mat I feared he must see the child and then--"
"I have recovered the child, women," I said, as I undid the bundle.