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n. indiferenciación. V.: anaplasia
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Embodiment underpins our entire existence and Adams is particularly good at communicating Merleau-Ponty's 'primary undifferentiation'--a concept enlightening for those who struggle in a binary way with the concept of nature versus nurture.
Therefore, interprofessional is not the new ideal place, the place of "definition" of common; it is a place of undifferentiation that summons learning, the thought of creation.
We can indeed construe ultimate Reality as uncreated, Absolute, ubiquitous, low entropy, an undifferentiation of subject and object, being itself in that it is infinite energy at infinitesimal levels of entropy (O Nuallain, 2018).
It is characterized by disarticulation (i.e., the absence or dissolution of partitions) or undifferentiation, and loaded with the potential to become.
While appendectomy is adequate for most patients, more radical approaches may be required in cases that present more complicated profiles, such as diffuse appendix involvement, tumor size greater than 2 cm, cellular undifferentiation, increased mitotic activity, presence of cecal wall involvement, or lymph node metastasis (3, 6).
Forest shallow and poor developed soils ("Entisols") and high organic matter combined with homogeneous shading and a regular 22 m-high canopy can provide undifferentiation within the understory community (Beatty, 1984; Roderjan, 1994; Portes et al., 2001; Scheer & Blum, 2011).
This chimeric RNA is identical in form to the PAX3-FOXO1 hallmark gene fusion found in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS), a small blue round cell tumor with characteristic undifferentiation. The transcript is translated into a novel TF which regulates genes involved in myogenesis, myogenic signaling, and mesodermal development [53], and it has been shown to interfere with normal PAX3 and FOXO1 activity [54].
(2) Ronald Paulson, for example, similarly notes the sexual tension of the Caleb-Falkland interactions, but suggests that its true purpose may be to "level" master and servant into "undifferentiation and interchangeability" through "mediated desire" (236); taking a slightly different psychological tack, Gary Kelly's classic reading in The English Jacobin Novel interprets the relationship as expressing Godwin's own aggressions "in the sublimated form of fiction" (207).
To investigate the patterns of protein expression and efficiency of myotube formation during myogenesis under oxidative stress condition, undifferentiation C2C12 cells were treated with various concentrations of [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] (12.5 [micro]M to 1 mM).
All life, finally, is turned into death, which is the supreme undifferentiation. Most written accounts insist monotonously on this leveling of differences.
The cells can be kept in a state of undifferentiation where they will proliferate extensively.
undifferentiation, a destruction of specificities" (833), which