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1. Not settled, removed, or resolved: undisposed assets.
2. Disinclined; unwilling: undisposed to help us.


1. not disposed of, kept; unresolved
2. not willing or inclined


(ˌʌn dɪˈspoʊzd)

1. not disposed of.
2. not willing or inclined.


adj undisposed of (Comm) → unverkauft
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Augustine I wrote a letter full of thanks for his just dealings, and the offer of the eight hundred and seventy-two moidores which were undisposed of, which I desired might be given, five hundred to the monastery, and three hundred and seventy-two to the poor, as the prior should direct; desiring the good padre's prayers for me, and the like.
As Nicholas opened his mouth, to request the young man to turn to letter S, and let him know what secretaryships remained undisposed of, there came into the office an applicant, in whose favour he immediately retired, and whose appearance both surprised and interested him.
With most of them left undisposed or improperly managed, they cause floods and pollution.
Problems include out-of-date drugs, poor staff training, clinical waste undisposed of and unsuitable premises.
880 (2014) ("In the absence of valid testamentary disposition, the undisposed property of the deceased devolves by operation of law in favor of his descendants, ascendants, and collaterals, by blood or by adoption.
Under the 13-year-old EPIRA, the National Power Corporation (NPC) may generate and sell electricity only from the undisposed generating assets and Independent Power Producer (IPP) contracts of PSALM Corp.
When only a small fraction of the residue is left undisposed of, reallocating it by reference to an estate plan naming a primary beneficiary makes sense; but when much of the residue is undisposed of, rendering the residuary aspect of the estate plan very incomplete, reliance on a small part of the plan to dispose of the better part becomes a doubtful exercise.
The paper said the Russians have asked that any such investment be backed up by government guarantees, which may involve state assistance, whereby undisposed shares would be given by the government to interested investors.
Kneeland reported to Bellamy that "I have not above one hundred and 50 of the books, if so many remaining undisposed of, part of which are bound in calf, ready for gilding, and the other pretty much of the best paper, which I tho't would be best to be reserved to the last; and some of which I design for you, to make up your compliment.
The reciprocal tendency of the conciliators to pass on a dispute application to the judiciary has resulted in the steady build-up of undisposed cases before the adjudicators.
undisposed tainted milk powder produced before the melamine scandal of 2008.
That if a citizen found a spot anywhere on the public lands of the United States as beautiful as the garden of Eden, if it were unreserved, or in any way undisposed of, there would never be an 'if' or a 'but' of question as to its title.