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v. un·did (-dĭd′), un·done (-dŭn′), un·do·ing (-do͞o′ĭng), un·does (-dŭz′)
1. To reverse or erase; annul: impossible to undo the suffering caused by the war.
2. To untie, disassemble, or loosen: undo a shoelace.
3. To open (a parcel, for example); unwrap.
a. To cause the ruin or downfall of; destroy.
b. To throw into confusion; unsettle.
To come open or unfastened.

un·do′er n.
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Noun1.undoer - a seducer who ruins a womanundoer - a seducer who ruins a woman; "she awoke in the arms of her cruel undoer"
ladies' man, lady killer, seducer - a man who takes advantage of women
2.undoer - a person who unfastens or unwraps or opensundoer - a person who unfastens or unwraps or opens; "children are talented undoers of their shoelaces"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
3.undoer - a person who destroys or ruins or lays waste toundoer - a person who destroys or ruins or lays waste to; "a destroyer of the environment"; "jealousy was his undoer"; "uprooters of gravestones"
annihilator - a total destroyer
bad person - a person who does harm to others
iconoclast, image breaker - a destroyer of images used in religious worship
diversionist, saboteur, wrecker - someone who commits sabotage or deliberately causes wrecks
vandal - someone who willfully destroys or defaces property
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References in classic literature ?
And if you desire to know who it is lays this command upon you, that you be more firmly bound to obey it, know that I am the valorous Don Quixote of La Mancha, the undoer of wrongs and injustices; and so, God be with you, and keep in mind what you have promised and sworn under those penalties that have been already declared to you."
The farmer followed him with his eyes, and when he saw that he had cleared the wood and was no longer in sight, he turned to his boy Andres, and said, "Come here, my son, I want to pay you what I owe you, as that undoer of wrongs has commanded me."
"Now, Master Andres," said the farmer, "call on the undoer of wrongs; you will find he won't undo that, though I am not sure that I have quite done with you, for I have a good mind to flay you alive." But at last he untied him, and gave him leave to go look for his judge in order to put the sentence pronounced into execution.
Thus I convinced her, that if the men made their advantage of our sex in the affair of marriage, upon the supposition of there being such choice to be had, and of the women being so easy, it was only owing to this, that the women wanted courage to maintain their ground and to play their part; and that, according to my Lord Rochester, 'A woman's ne'er so ruined but she can Revenge herself on her undoer, Man.'
The popularity of the devotion for Mary the Undoer of Knots arrived in Argentina after Bergoglio's trip to Germany in the 1980s, and the image can be found at the San Jose del Talar Church in the Agronomia neighborhood.
(320-21) From occidental spectacle and sacrificial victim, he becomes, in a moment, the oriental "priest," in effect the undoer of himself.
This is a story of escalation and depravity, and of a woman who is an undoer of men.