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Then I bent over it, slowly undoing the rimpis with which it was tied, while the sweat of terror ran down by face blinding me like tears.
I helped them in emptying the cart, and placing in it some pillows for the wounded man to rest on; and it was only when the driver had mounted to his place, and was starting for the Surgery, that I bethought me of the strange power I possessed of undoing all this harm.
And so the work went on, steadily undoing itself, and the neatly-stitched little dresses, or whatever they were, steadily falling to pieces.
Therefore extraordinary expense must be limited by the worth of the occasion; for voluntary undoing, may be as well for a man's country, as for the kingdom of heaven.
.and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today.
The fact is that over-brooding proves the undoing of a man--his complete undoing.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Former campaign aide to President Barack Obama Lis Smith said that US President Trump's use of Twitter could lead to his undoing.
IANS Singer Peter Andre has landed another movie role even before his debut as an actor in the horror movie The Undoing. The Mysterious Girl singer had announced just earlier this year that he was to make his big screen debut in a horror film that will begin shooting next year.
It's completely different from the horror movie The Undoing and there's a very big possibility I'll be going out to LA in October to film it.
However, given that undoing the ban through a similar executive action is not possible - at least as things stand now - there are two possible recourses Trump's administration is left with - a legal challenge, wherein the fate of the declaration will be decided by federal courts; or trying to pass a Congressional Act that amends the 1953 law and nullifies the ban.
In her anticipated fiction debut, The Undoing of Saint Silvanus, Beth Moore weaves an introspective, genre-bending narrative.
Among the text groups are prescription for undoing witchcraft, cures for the witchcraft-induced loss of potency, protecting pregnant women and infants against witchcraft, ceremonial rituals for undoing witchcraft, rituals against </zikurudo/> and other special types of witchcraft, and diagnostic<br />texts.