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 (ŭn-drēmd′) also un·dreamt (-drĕmt′)
Beyond what could be imagined; unimaginable. Often used with of: undreamed luxuries; a peaceful settlement undreamed of a generation ago.
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Adj.1.undreamt - not imagined even in a dreamundreamt - not imagined even in a dream  
incredible, unbelievable - beyond belief or understanding; "at incredible speed"; "the book's plot is simply incredible"
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I naturally assumed that the adult Potter would clearly be a different animal; perhaps more resembling an Andy McNab novel, in which a more hairy-bottomed Harry is recruited into the special forces so he can 'slot' a few bad guys using his invisibility cloak to bring sniping to previously undreamt of levels of effectiveness.
Although the fundamental basis of quantum theory remains intact, more recent theoretical and experimental developments have led researchers to use the laws of quantum mechanics in new and exciting ways - allowing the manipulation of matter on the atomic scale for hitherto undreamt of applications.
The continent proved the pundits wrong and not only embraced the technology but developed it in ways undreamt of by the pioneers.
Lynn For better or worse the process towards our exit has become bogged down in a morass of legal and constitutional detail undreamt of by the Brexiters, but of which Michael Gove's "experts" were well aware.
I can't say it's all a dream come true because it's an undreamt dream, one that you wouldn't even consider because you never thought it could happen.
Power brings responsibility, but it can also bring wealth, undreamt of riches.
The demand for recognition of Ireland's independence on the world stage in the light of Woodrow Wilson's self-determination ideals post- World War I was also a major influence and opened up new possibilities heretofore undreamt of.
But the commercialised world saturates mass media to an extent undreamt of when Henderson returned to Scotland after the Second World War and it would be futile to be so wishful as to think that any poets have ever succeeded socially, effectively, lastingly, in the cultural cold war that has been going on since then, when it remains as true as ever, to paraphrase William Carlos Williams, that not many people read poetry but a lot of people the every day for the want of what they might find there.
"Machine learning and big data when combined provide insights previously undreamt of.
Functional cities have spawned the miraculous im- provement in standards of living across the globe and brought undreamt prosperity to even the humblest and least skilled workers -- the "heaven" of our definition.
Functional cities have spawned the miraculous improvement in standards of living across the globe and brought undreamt prosperity to even the humblest and least skilled workers--the "heaven" of our definition.