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 (ŭn′jə-lənt, ŭn′dyə-, -də-)
Resembling waves in occurrence, appearance, or motion.


rare resembling waves; undulating
ˈundulance, ˈundulancy n


(ˈʌn dʒə lənt, ˈʌn dyə-, -də-)

undulating; wavelike in motion or pattern.
un′du•lance, n.
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Adj.1.undulant - resembling waves in form or outline or motion


a. ondulante;
___ feverfiebre ___, brucellosis.
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' Monsoon', is yet another handy work of imaging, where dark swollen breasts of undulant cloud, whirl winds past Himalayas are indeed harbingers of boon .
After ECMAE, the fracture surface is undulant, fracture requires a higher energy, and leads to the emergence of a larger number of nanotubes on the surface (Fig.
And indeed, the Kosta Boda Snowball is complete with a knobby, undulant surface that resembles that of a snowball packed tight by a pair of gloved hands.
Brucellosis (Mediterranean fever, undulant fever) is the most common zoonotic infection caused by the bacterial genus Brucella.
Van Gogh had great admiration for Delacroix, who demonstrated that expression could be a function of rich color and undulant, unifying compositional rhythm, rather than physiognomy.
suis are well-known causes of undulant fever and influenzalike symptoms in humans, but B.
In humans Brucella abortus causes undulant fever, an occupational disease of people working with animals such as veterinarians, farmers and abattoir personnel.
On the floor at the center of the gallery were thick undulant ceramic slabs printed with pages from German and French newspapers.
Although it appears as undulant fever in the majority of patients, it can be less frequently seen as a local infection.
Brucellosis is readily transmissible to humans, causing acute febrile illness and undulant fever, which may progress to a more chronic form and can also produce serious complications affecting the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and central nervous systems.
IL-10 mRNA expression levels showed undulant low values with a gradual nonsignificant increase after 12 h followed by a nonsignificant decrease.