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Noun1.unemotionality - apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactionsunemotionality - apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactions
apathy - an absence of emotion or enthusiasm
2.unemotionality - absence of emotionunemotionality - absence of emotion      
trait - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
blandness - the trait of exhibiting no personal embarrassment or concern; "the blandness of his confession enraged the judge"
chilliness, coldness, iciness, frigidity, frigidness, coolness - a lack of affection or enthusiasm; "a distressing coldness of tone and manner"
dispassion, dispassionateness, dryness - objectivity and detachment; "her manner assumed a dispassion and dryness very unlike her usual tone"
stoicism, stolidness, stolidity - an indifference to pleasure or pain
emotionalism, emotionality - emotional nature or quality
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Callous unemotional traits comprehend lack of remorse, callousness, carelessness and unemotionality, features that when combined to the other Conduct Disorder criteria, yield a profile that has been linked to high levels of aggression and cruelty (Kahn et al.
Seidler (1994, 2005) highlights how masculine identities have been shaped around unemotionality and disconnection from bodies in a modernity project of rationality much to the detriment of men and women.
They were most interested in 'callous unemotionality' - a lack of regard for others' feelings.