unemployed person

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Noun1.unemployed person - someone who is joblessunemployed person - someone who is jobless    
nonworker - a person who does nothing
hunger marcher - an unemployed person who participates in a hunger march
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Honeythunder walked in the middle of the road, shouldering the natives out of his way, and loudly developing a scheme he had, for making a raid on all the unemployed persons in the United Kingdom, laying them every one by the heels in jail, and forcing them, on pain of prompt extermination, to become philanthropists.
Under the new changes, an unemployed person who finds a job at a location that lies more than 50 km from their place of residence will be able to earn around BGN 200 (around EUR 100) from the state.
Taqat helps the private sector find employees to suit their vacancies and plays an important role in guiding unemployed person find jobs.
If any employer in south-east Birmingham or Solihull wishes to offer a work trial in an admin position to an unemployed person, I would quite happily show what I can do for free.
A couple of hours a weeK from every unemployed person and we'd have the cleanest streets in the world at no cost.
Why would an unemployed person need to travel over 200 miles just to go self employed?
If an employer wants to replace a worker with an unemployed person who would do a better job for less, they cannot.
If a street cleaner lost his/her job and was replaced by a community service unemployed person, then if that street cleaner was on the dole for more than six months, he could be told to join the community service scheme and clean the same streets he used to get paid to clean.
The New Enterprise Allowance scheme will give an unemployed person entering self-employment a weekly payment linked to the value of their benefit for a period of up to six months.
The obtaining of that exemption does not mean that the unemployed person is exempt from the requirement to remain available to the employment services ( ) so that his employment and family situation can be monitored".
Donna Beckley, 22, from Bootle, is the 50, 000th unemployed person helped into work by Reed In Partnership, the biggest non-government provider of welfare to work programmes.
Common second time sanction in case of repeated offence within 12 months: Until the unemployed person has had 300 hours of ordinary work within 10 weeks, the daily cash recipient will receive no benefits, and the cash benefit recipient (if able to take a job) will receive only one-third.