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Noun1.unemployment line - a queue of people waiting for employmentunemployment line - a queue of people waiting for employment
queue, waiting line - a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
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He said the University of the future is one that should produce graduates who would be innovative in creating jobs, and not queue up in the already long unemployment line. He added that there are scores of people who can be invited by universities on account of their practical experience to imbibe the same to students.
"We see a lot of young people graduating from schools and heading straight to join the unemployment line. Companies today don't even look at grades, and Google has said that GPA are a worthless criteria for hiring.
For the claims profession, artificial intelligence (AI) will leave many on the unemployment line. Satellite photos or TV monitors will film auto wrecks, damaged houses, the extent of floods and more, with everything handled by AI computers.
The uncertainty of not knowing whether he could pay himself, whether his dream was destined for failure or whether he'd land in the unemployment line haunted him constantly.
I happily stay away from accounting and the organization's bank account, preferring to focus on my activities, hoping my Korean colleagues won't land me in the unemployment line again.
This legislation runs the risk of putting tens of thousands of construction workers on the unemployment line. We will continue to advocate that the City put in place a regime that will actually improve construction safety without depriving City residents the opportunity to access construction jobs that have historically served as a path to the middle class."
No one, obviously, wants to head to the unemployment line between Christmas and the New Year.
Few clerks have been foolish enough to sign this "Declaration of Dependence on God" because they know it's a one-way ticket to the unemployment line. The ones who have will soon be brought into compliance through legal action or sent off to find jobs in the private sector.
My memory of reading Variety from that time is standing in the unemployment line. You read it and you see so-and-so is doing this and so-and-so is doing that and you wonder "Why am I torturing myself?"
To their credit, there are legislators throughout New England who have expressed real concerns that businesses will follow Verso Paper Mill in Bucksport, Maine, in closing the doors and sending 500 workers to the unemployment line. They are worried that large manufacturers will move or expand to states like the Carolinas (i.e.

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