unemployment line

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Noun1.unemployment line - a queue of people waiting for employmentunemployment line - a queue of people waiting for employment
queue, waiting line - a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
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The uncertainty of not knowing whether he could pay himself, whether his dream was destined for failure or whether he'd land in the unemployment line haunted him constantly.
Just one month after Westmoreland Coal cut 250 jobs with the closure of its Jewett operation, Luminant is closing its Oak Hill mine and sending another 132 Texas lignite workers to the unemployment line.
For procrastinating adjusters, that long line may be the unemployment line.
To their credit, there are legislators throughout New England who have expressed real concerns that businesses will follow Verso Paper Mill in Bucksport, Maine, in closing the doors and sending 500 workers to the unemployment line.
There is nothing more inspirational than seeing someone move from the unemployment line to running their own business.
Forget about the call center; you might soon find yourself in the unemployment line.
Flextronics also reportedly closed its plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, on May 30, sending 700 workers to the unemployment line.
It will get you out of the unemployment line and put you back in to the business world.
This is where many women work so if funding is cut from these institutions then it is only logical that the amount of women in the unemployment line will rise," Pavlou said.
Yet while the impact on insurers may be limited, from a risk-management standpoint Lockton's Technology and Government Contract leader Michal Gnatek warns employers to watch out for suspicious Workers' Comp claims, especially non-accident soft tissue claims from employees seeking to avoid the unemployment line or pay reduction from furloughs.
BETRAYAL Jim Murphy attacked the Government for sending brave soldiers from the front line to the unemployment line

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