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Adj.1.unenergetic - not inclined to be enterprisingunenergetic - not inclined to be enterprising  
nonenterprising, unenterprising - lacking in enterprise; not bold or venturesome
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Have youseenhowwe,in allthistime, are unclear, unenergetic, selfish, intrigued and not awake?Allweneedisfree nutrition, moving images, links or rest during theday.
(43) In my view, her theology becomes soteriologically unenergetic.
You should do your job, your work as a normal business as usual and wait for something to happen, this approach is positive but is a slow, unenthusiastic, unenergetic approach of handling things that comes your way.
A little unenergetic in his youth, perhaps, but sister Elizabeth was there to insist that her brother was "never idle." And the literary examples suggest that the lifelong and single-minded pursuit of "The Beautiful" may not constitute a warrantable calling.
Since we are raising our cattle mostly on pasture grass, which is a largely unenergetic feed, supplying steers with a grain supplement will increase their energy efficiency and slightly speed up the finishing process.
(54) The Wanderer's tool droops downward, making him a strikingly unenergetic contrast to the younger Christ, who stands upright and poised, merely pausing as he moves forward energetically despite carrying the Cross, which is massively larger and heavier than the mattock.
[1] While we could not find an explanation for this in the literature, it may indicate that while physical health does decline with age, older people are not necessarily physically incapacitated and unenergetic.
WATCHING on TV the five presidential candidates in a so-called debate, one could see how unwell and unenergetic one of them was (is).
The key difference here is that I don't think Akhurst's occasional spells away from our desks for unenergetic bursts of "rhythmics" and Scottish country dancing ever required us to take our ties off after Mummy had put them on for us in the morning.
Editing by Thomas Tang and Sebastian Amundsen is uneven at best; the rapid, disorientating cuts used to signify flashbacks or visions stand in jarring contrast to the otherwise unenergetic approach to the material.