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I read his History of England, and I could measurably console myself with that, but only measurably; and I could not go back to the essays and read them again, for it seemed to me I had absorbed them so thoroughly that I had left nothing unenjoyed in them.
It is TOO bad to feel life, health, and beauty wasting away, unfelt and unenjoyed, for such a brute as that!' exclaimed she, fairly bursting into tears in the bitterness of her vexation.
Though far from kindred and friends, Captain Bonneville and his handful of free trappers were not disposed to suffer the festival to pass unenjoyed; they were in a region of good cheer, and were disposed to be joyous; so it was determined to "light up the yule clog," and celebrate a merry Christmas in the heart of the wilderness.
Visitors to Katmai--which is being ably developed, in the matter of accommodations, by one of Alaska's local airlines--must get their satisfaction and recreation from fishing, which is indeed, excellent, but leaves totally unutilized and unenjoyed the original values for which this mammoth monument was set aside.
The birds' variegated plumage shines unseen, and their song dies away unheard, the Cereus which blossoms only for a night withers without having been admired in the wilds of southern forests, and these forests, jungles of the most beautiful and luxuriant vegetation, with the most odorous and aromatic perfumes, perish and decay no less unenjoyed. The work of art has not such a naive self-centered being, but is essentially a question, an address to the responsive heart, an appeal to affections and to minds.
Cossman does not cite, and I am otherwise unaware of, any sex equality argument in the legal academic literature that calls for unpleasant or unpleasurable or even unenjoyed sex to be legally actionable as sexual abuse.
So if the integrity of the production methods remains intact and the quality of the wine continues to improve how is it that some of von Tscharner's pride and joy goes unenjoyed by the larger masses?
This mix of old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, all presented in meticulous performance by someone who loves this music, might be just what it takes to open minds and ears to music that might go otherwise unheard and, alas, unenjoyed. As a bonus, the enclosed booklet presents an overview of Boulez's career and the music contained on the CD.
Thus it comes to pass, that our desires always increase with our possessions; the knowledge that something remains yet unenjoyed, impairs our enjoyment of the good before us.
/ Unseen and unenjoyed," and instantly "Forsaking These," embraces "peopled Plains" where "many a Nation feeds." The indictment of imperial conquest aside, "christian Crimes and Europe's cruel Sons" (855), the moral characterization of the "torrid zone" is already wavering between "happy Isles" and "blameless Pan," on the one hand, and on the other, "fruitful Desarts" and "Seasons teem|ing~ in vain / Unseen and unenjoy'd." "Europe" is a code word here for Catholic colonialisms from whose excesses that politer conquest by Protestant England was understood to be exempt.