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Adj.1.unenlivened - not made lively or brightened; "a life unenlivened by romance"
enlivened - made sprightly or cheerful
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In this same sermon, Coleridge writes that contemporary histories and political economy "are the product of an unenlivened generalizing Understanding," but that the histories in the Scriptures are the "living educis of the Imagination," which "incorporating the Reason in Images of the Sense [...] gives birth to a system of symbols" (Lay Sermons 29; original emphasis).
carefully discouraged, and books written for young persons are generally a mere dry record of facts, unenlivened by any appeal to the heart, or any excitement to the fancy." (11)
The sea grows old in it"--represent the poem's unenlivened biological imagery, akin to the absent or deflated physicality of the poetess (38-40).