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Adj.1.unequalized - not caused to be equal
unequal - poorly balanced or matched in quantity or value or measure
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Note also that the most unequalized registration occurs when the end-point vowels /a/ and /u/ for low vowels or the end-point vowels /ae/ and /i/ for high vowels are toggled back and forth.
(331) To avoid impacts on the county budgets and job markets, and to prevent unequalized school budgets, replacement revenue streams must bridge the $5.88 million/year annual gap in county budget funding.
Frequency domain signal [[??].sub.H] is transformed by means of IDFT in time domain unequalized signal [[??].sub.H].
For the 47 school districts that are unequalized, their only benefit is E-rate.
In a stereo-only system, the Audyssey remains a benefit over an unequalized room in the important 100Hz-500Hz range with a likely improvement down to 30Hz assuming a properly configured satellite-subwoofer system.