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The impact of food inflation on poverty showed total people below the poverty line in Pakistan increased from 45.5 million in 2004-05 to 56.6 million in 2007-08 forcing women to jump into the workforce.v Female participation was more pronounced than male participation in the rural economic activity thus causing an unequalizing impact in the labour market.
Ghettoization is a major consequence of migration as it often triggers uneven development between countries and the "unequalizing inscriptions of class, race, gender, and nationality among the migrant themselves" (Zeleza 12).
Figure 3 shows a simple diagram of the likely overshooting pattern of inequality after some unequalizing shock.
Yet, given the high concentration of the ownership of land and mines and access to finance prevailing in the region, the recent improvements in external conditions generated, ceteris paribus, an unequalizing effect on the distribution of market income.
Nevertheless, the marginal unequalizing effect of the tax rebates is relatively larger and it overwhelms the marginal equalizing effect of other transfers.
In his story, it is the unequalizing, destabilizing forces that may be dominant within capitalism.
For example, there is no evidence that trade liberalization had an unequalizing effect in Brazil, but there is indeed evidence that it had this kind of effect in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico.
Unequalizing citizenship: the politics of Poland's health care change.