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Adj.1.unexchangeable - not suitable to be exchanged
exchangeable - suitable to be exchanged
2.unexchangeable - used especially of currenciesunexchangeable - used especially of currencies; incapable of being exchanged for or replaced by another currency of equal value
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According to this theory, owing to the internalization of externalities, the range of unexchangeable relations can be reduced.
Caldwell (2007) shows that Brazilian women of different color categories (mulatas, morenas, negras, and many others (2)) are placed in unaltered or unexchangeable social roles, which clearly points to the engendered contours of the ideology of racial democracy.
unexchangeable opacity, nor by reducing expression to a common
This conclusion was based on the observation that the ratio of [D.sub.2] and HD initially produced from [H.sub.2] over [D.sub.2]O was determined to be nearly zero ([v.sub.DD]/ [v.sub.HD] f 0 from [H.sub.2]/[D.sub.2]O), (4)) and that the conversion of para-[H.sub.2] to ortho-[H.sub.2] did not occur over [D.sub.2]O whereas the isotope exchange occurred ([v.sub.p-o]/[v.sub.ex] f 0 from p[H.sub.2]/[D.sub.2]O, where [v.sub.ex] f [v.sub.HD] d [v.sub.DD]).3) If both of the cleaved H species are partially exchangeable (i.e., partially unexchangeable) with the medium DD, either [v.sub.DD]/[v.sub.HD] or [v.sub.p-o]/[v.sub.ex] must have not been zero.