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Adv.1.unexcitingly - in an unexciting mannerunexcitingly - in an unexciting manner; "this painting was nothing more but an unexcitingly grey canvas with a few red speckles"
excitingly - in an exciting manner; "at the time of its appearance, the movie must have seemed excitingly new, even revolutionary"
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Rather more unexcitingly, my vote goes to the leaders of the two most important central banks in the world: Ben Bernanke of the US Federal Reserve and Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank.
Few buyers were particularly interested in an unexcitingly bred maiden filly, but Tuer had his eye on her and was able to pick up a bargain.
According to the report, this number means "Germany will perform rather solidly but unexcitingly. Like other mature economies in the euro zone, Germany will struggle with a defacto 2 percent annual growth ceiling." It's not as if other German industries are faring any better than air cargo.
A young Greek-American man's difficulty in catching a piece of the American dream is unexcitingly dramatized in "Astoria," a muted coming-of-age piece that more often reflects rusty movie conventions than it freshly observes real-life struggles.