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Adj.1.unexpansive - showing no tendency to expand; "unexpansive bodies"
expansive - able or tending to expand or characterized by expansion; "Expansive materials"; "the expansive force of fire"
2.unexpansive - not given to high spirits or effusivenessunexpansive - not given to high spirits or effusiveness; "an unexpansive man"
restrained - under restraint
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Nor--pace the Pleiade title--is there much here that seems especially "intimate." To be sure, the (pseudo-)journal begins promisingly enough: "J'entreprends d'ecrire l'histoire de ma vie jour par jour" (63), Henri writes, vaguely recalling Jean-Jacques's famous "Je forme une entreprise ..." Yet this sentence, the first of Del Litto's imaginary text but located seven pages into this new edition, is a poor description of what follows; even the very pages to which it is supposed to be a preface are scrappy, undeveloped as narrative, and, despite the promised sans-gene., unexpansive on the matter of the diarist's emotions.
For instance, Young stated that he supported the ideal of a classless society, yet when asked in the 2000s whether the book was arguing for resistance to the nascent elitism of the meritocracy by promoting 'the comprehensive idea', replied with an unexpansive but unequivocal 'no'.
City's unexpansive shape played into the hands of their hosts early on, with Real bearing down on goal on more than one occasion.