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Adj.1.unexportable - not suitable for exportunexportable - not suitable for export    
exportable - suitable for export; "exportable cultural achievements"
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Summary: Britain's proposed total ban on ivory is making its antique dealers nervous as they contemplate the unsellable, unexportable
It was assumed, of course, that various artworks were to be regarded as belonging to the national heritage and so declared unexportable. Such cases were, however, exceptional, and were specified in a list of "national treasures," officially known as the Verzeichnis national wertvollen Kulturgutes (Register of Cultural Objects of National Importance), drawn up and periodically revised by a committee of experts.
Retorted Twitter user Hassan Mostafavi, "Imposing substandard, expensive and unexportable cars on the nation is treason to the people and Iran's industry."
Infested fruits usually drop from the tree (Christenson and Foote 1960) making them unexportable due to quarantine restrictions (Hollingsworth et al.
Human warmth is Lebanon's most precious and unexportable commodity.
French troublemakers Benoit Delepine and Gustave de Kervern concoct yet another portrait of bizarre behavior in "Le grand soir," a virtually unexportable oddity that had locals laughing at the Cannes Film Fest, where it won the jury prize in Un Certain Regard.
The bulk of the domestically produced capital goods and industrial intermediate goods unsurprisingly could not compete on the world market, and these goods turned out to be more or less unexportable. Thus, in 1966-67, despite a full decade of export promotion measures, they formed just 11.6 percent of India's total exports (by value).
I'd reached the position that American public administration theory and practice was unexportable. (16) Building upon Riggs writing on ecology of administration I saw culture as expressed in organization capacity as the defining factor in societal development and progress.
Scheuer works within the realm of American exceptionalism with one major qualification, "American democracy and republicanism are unique and largely unexportable.[italics added]" The theme of "arrogance-ignorance and naivete" of the elite is reiterated for American leaders "trying to install America's system in devoutly Islamic lands."
The star of the show will certainly be a 16th century Hans Holbein "Madonna," until recently listed as one of Germany's unexportable paintings because of its artistic value.