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Adj.1.unfamiliar with - having little or no knowledge ofunfamiliar with - having little or no knowledge of; "unacquainted with city ways"
unfamiliar - not known or well known; "a name unfamiliar to most"; "be alert at night especially in unfamiliar surroundings"
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Evidently these two young men were unfamiliar with the dueling ceremonies, though they were not unfamiliar with the sword.
In these instances it is possible that the cable-cars can become overloaded as those unfamiliar with their use will also be unfamiliar with the optimal load.
FOR anyone unfamiliar with the original cult movie and stage musical, Hairspray E4, tomorrow, 2pm) is the tale of Tracy Turnblad, an overweight teenager in Sixties Baltimore who dreams of appearing on a dance show.
The free Choose Well app can help students who are unfamiliar with the place they have come to study in.
In the study, Dutch students who were unfamiliar with Scottish and Australian English watched either an episode of the Australian sitcom Kath and Kim or a shortened version of Trainspotting, which depicts a Scottish drug addict, Renton, and his friends-with English subtitles, Dutch subtitles or no subtitles.
A basic, 64-page 'how to' introduction and instruction guide for using the internet in genealogical research by veteran genealogist William Dollarhide, "Getting Started In Genealogy Online" is particularly 'user friendly' for beginning genealogists and anyone relatively unfamiliar with using the computer and the internet for tracing family trees online.
It's a novel approach to a film, but the invented characters and situations fail to work on their own terms, acting only as metaphors that will seem on-the-nose to Arbus fans and baffle those unfamiliar with her work.
He blinked uncomprehendingly, apparently unfamiliar with the stuff, and seemed displeased when I exclaimed, "Don't tell me you've never heard of suet!"
These seminal works are attracting a new audience of readers, many of whom--black and white--are unfamiliar with the rich intellectual history of African Americans in the United States.
Because of effective public health measures, brucellosis has become a rare disease in industrialized countries, and clinical microbiology laboratories are frequently unfamiliar with the genus.
Recipes such as Crispy Noodles, Tofu Patties, Mung Bean Wraps and more are complemented with information on how to properly prepare Thai produce, spices, noodles, wrappers, and rice for those unfamiliar with Thai ingredients.
A smattering of black-and-white photographs and essays illustrate the award-winning author's dazzling journey through a rich and rewarding culture, and a brief glossary will prove helpful to readers unfamiliar with Indian, Nepali, and Buddhist terms.