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v. un·fas·tened, un·fas·ten·ing, un·fas·tens
To separate the connected parts of.
To become loosened or separated.
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Noun1.unfastening - loosening the ties that fasten somethingunfastening - loosening the ties that fasten something; "the tying of bow ties is an art; the untying is easy"
laxation, loosening - the act of making something less tight
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'Let me get my breath!' he said, unfastening the kerchief with which he had tied the collar of his fur coat at the village.
Then unfastening the diamond ornament which the queen had sent him, he placed it in the hands of the priest who accompanied Juxon.
He preserved his melancholy and motionless position for some time after his two friends had regained their carriage; then suddenly unfastening his horse from the little tree to which his servant had tied it, he mounted and galloped off in the direction of Paris.
"There he is," said Bartle Massey, rising hastily and unfastening the door.
It was a pretty picture to see this little lady in white muslin unfastening the widow's cap from her more majestic sister, and tossing it on to a chair.
Then, with an air of serious reflection, unfastening her large jet brooch, "But you must change brooches, Maggie; that little butterfly looks silly on you."
He is facing a total of ten charges accusing him of various allegations including handling or squeezing the breasts of several girls, unfastening or attempting to unfasten or uplift the clothing of some and getting into bed with one.
"Unfastening seatbelts while driving is one of the major factors responsible for injuries and fatalities in road accidents," Lt Col Humaidi said.
Recording a conclusion of accidental death, Mrs Jones said: "On the balance of probabilities, he could have misjudged the flight path and the proximity to the trees and fell to the ground after intentionally unfastening his harness while trying to make his way down.
They also found him guilty of sex assaults on a Farmfoods worker, placing his hands inside her clothing, pulling her bra strap, and once unfastening her bra.
The man walked into an alleyway before unfastening his belt.
These brash unfastening hands make me want to hush- shut their knuckles into gloves, sew closed my wedding dress, pin the getaway boat, its just-married streamers, back to the glass of the lake.