unfavorable position

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Noun1.unfavorable position - the quality of being a competitive disadvantageunfavorable position - the quality of being a competitive disadvantage
disadvantage - the quality of having an inferior or less favorable position
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The sale of the Mexican operation would give enough cash to the company to face imminent commitments, but a delay in the process could result in an unfavorable position. Masisa is in the process of selling non-core assets for around USD20 million in order to strengthen its cash position and pay its maturities in the case the sale of the Mexican operations is delayed.
"If the Doklam standoff had escalated to a shooting war, anything short of a decisive victory might have put (President) Xi Jinping in an unfavorable position at the 19th (Communist) Party Congress and hurt the PLA's (People's Liberation Army's) image with the Chinese people," Mastro and Tarapore said.
The restaurant chain Chipotle's Mexican Grill found itself in a familiar albeit unfavorable position Tuesday when stocks plummeted nearly 8 percent after reports surfaced that multiple customers were ill after eating at one of the chains' restaurants in Sterling, Virginia.
Because the fetus was found multiple malformation, the patient wanted to testing karyotype of the fetus by umbilical cord blood samples, which was failed on account of too fine umbilical cord and the unfavorable position of the fetus.
"Democracy and human rights have been breached, and freedoms are in unfavorable position. This is usurped mechanism", stated Pivovarov.
Problems with the NATO member Turkey in the wake of the issue of Ukraine have put Russia in a more unfavorable position in the eyes of the West.
Instead, the judiciary, as the instrumentality of the State in its role of parens patriae (parent of the nation), must ensure that the abandoned children, the foundlings, those who were forced into an unfavorable position are duly protected, he said.
Now, with the rise of Euroskeptics and the far right in the EP elections, observers consider Turkey's negotiation process for becoming an EU member to be in a more unfavorable position than ever.
According to the index, Nicosia and Limassol are in the most unfavorable position, as these were the least affected areas until the second half of 2012.
"That's an unfavorable position to say the least for us as municipal officials,'' he said.
However, in his view, the process was tainted by the non-transparent pre-congress process and by keeping the list of delegates a secret, which put candidate Kire Naumov in an unfavorable position in regard to the other candidates.