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Noun1.unfeasibility - the quality of not being doableunfeasibility - the quality of not being doable  
impracticability, impracticableness - the quality of not being usable
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While briefly suspecting Don Benito of complicity with the blacks, Delano will soon be reassured of the unfeasibility of such a notion, since the blacks were "too stupid" and the whites, "by nature, the shrewder race" (162- 163).
Nevertheless, these professionals' high daily activity demand and the unfeasibility of meetings to provide orientations can be one of the main factors related to the data found.
Given the proposal's unfeasibility in the real world, it's intriguing how much play it got in the media, with one politician after another claiming ownership of it.
amp;nbsp;Another reason behind the unfeasibility of display-embedded fingerprint sensors is the obliteration of the home button concept.
In the course of the narration, however, this relationship comes to epitomize the unfeasibility of the asexual angel, perceived as a negative and repressive role for the woman.
Bachman) Via both narrative and stylistic options, Allen's most recent films addresses his typical notions and symbolic representations, being mannered assessments of the filmmaking process, implying both the vainness of recollecting and the unfeasibility of not doing that.
All the technology available in the market does not allow an electric tractor to develop field work similarly to the conventional tractors, because it would require batteries of high cost and size, and those are the reasons for the unfeasibility of a lot of projects in the area.
SUNWORX lays emphasis on the residential sector, which is largely overlooked by competing vendors due to the unfeasibility of small projects.
Firstly, the anaesthetist performing the intubation was not blinded to the study group due to the unfeasibility of blinding and the possibility of bias existed.
Compatibility/ COMPAT2 (a) (a) (a) Interoperability Usability/ USAB1 (a) (a) (a) There was consensus Learnability in the feasibility Usability/ USAB2 (a) (a) (a) of USAB1, USAB2, Operability USAB3, USAB7 and USAB3 (a) (a) (a) USAB10 and in the unfeasibility of USAB4 (b) ?
sup][1] The reasons may include the urge for safe handling of the kidney through sufficient access, for total control during revascularization, and the present unfeasibility of automating the vascular anastomoses.
Hence, their research results indicate the unfeasibility of a full identification of the publication performance of a German BuS via the databases utilized.