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Noun1.unfeasibility - the quality of not being doableunfeasibility - the quality of not being doable  
impracticability, impracticableness - the quality of not being usable
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However, as time passed and as some of the predictions regarding the unfeasibility of the port seemed to crawl towards the truth, the conditions of the debt became stricter.
Particular credit is due to Lorraine Byrne Bodley for an in-depth introduction that acknowledges the unfeasibility of completing a comprehensive study while also reaching to frame the central question as completely as possible.
Introducing the terminology of interprofessionality, however, also serves the creation of a comfort zone for those who fear dissidence or disruption; after all, it might result in the unfeasibility of market reserve, in a weakened inspection of professional activity, in the suppression of private practices by a professional group.
This only adds to the unfeasibility of state funding of ARTs, since in order to be ethically correct, the state would have to consider funding the treatment of the entire collective of people who could potentially benefit from ARTs, and at these numbers it makes it even more of an economic impossibility.
The unfeasibility of Kathy's return to Hailsham stems from two facts: Hailsham's closure and Kathy's surprising ignorance about its location.
This was because it was visible the need to adapt the parts to the manufacturing process and demonstrate the unfeasibility of the industrial manufacturing process.
(24) For Ficino's concept of "platonic love" and Spanish writers' comments on its unfeasibility in the real world, see Byrne (Ficino in Spain 96-106).
This is due to the fact that unfeasibility corresponds to duplicated schools in solutions, and this can arise with a higher probability when p increases.