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Adj.1.unfertilised - not having been fertilized; "an unfertilized egg"
infertile, sterile, unfertile - incapable of reproducing; "an infertile couple"
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We hypothesised that different management practices (fertilisation vs unfertilised plots, conventional tillage vs NT and their combinations) affect the main soil properties--organic carbon (OC), total N (TN), available phosphorus ([P.sub.ava]), carbonates and exchangeable bases--and corresponding WEOM, the fraction responsible for nutrients transport and bioavailability, at different soil depths.
He said Cona has been pining for him by pecking her feathers and laying unfertilised eggs.
What's the name for a male bee that comes from an unfertilised egg?
The landmark research involved the release of three million sterile male mosquitoes that mated with females who laid unfertilised eggs, causing the population to crash.
Slow-cooling was not as effective when freezing unfertilised eggs or embryos at the blastocyst stage of development," he said.
Apart from being sold unfertilised eggs, he realised the incubator had technical hitches due to the extreme temperatures in Kisumu."Most of the incubators are made of metal casing.
It covers established techniques, including freezing unfertilised eggs and embryo preservation, as well as others such as the freezing and transplantation of ovarian tissue.
Sex is determined universally in ants by haplodiploidy and arrhenotoky, the production of paternate diploid females (queens and workers) from fertilised eggs and impaternate haploid males from unfertilised eggs [4].
Elaborating on the process, he said: "The procedure to store a women's unfertilised eggs takes around two-three weeks to complete.
Basically, egg freezing is a method to store a women's unfertilised eggs.
unfertilised eggs, fungal attack); the integrity of the egg mass was not affected.
The specifics are glossed over somewhat, with scientists Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) asking questions --'How do you interrupt the cellular mitosis?' 'Can we see the unfertilised eggs?'--left unanswered in the film but, hopefully, prompting more questions and answers in the classroom.