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Adj.1.unflavored - without flavoring addedunflavored - without flavoring added    
tasteless - lacking flavor
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The ADA Council on Scientific deems both the Unflavored and Gentle Mint varieties of oral rinse safe and effective in helping to reduce oral malodor when used as directed.
Unflavored vodka dominated the European market during 2014 with a market share of around 89%.
The techniques depended on exposing a group of albino rats to two types of water-pipe smoke, flavored and unflavored, for 3 months using a specially designed digital smoking machine.
Available in four flavors, Lime, Lemon, Berry and Apple, as well as unflavored, Dasani Sparkling will have a national launch in February.
The product is available in four flavors--peppermint, pomegranate, vanilla-honey and unflavored.
The product is available in 60 count, unflavored soft gels that contain ubiquinol in organic extra virgin olive oil.
And while flavored vodkas now account for about 20% of the entire vodka market, their growth far outpaces unflavored vodkas: flavored vodka sales grew by 18% last year while unflavored vodkas gained just 1%.
Peet's will get Diedrich's roasting and packaging facility capable of roasting and packaging unflavored and flavored coffees.
We have tried to make them with unflavored gelatin with bird seed, but they fall apart.
All three have more sugar than unflavored oatmeal or Wheatena does, but less than many cold cereals.
We maintained that all regular coffee, that is unflavored and not decaffeinated, is acceptable for Pesach without supervision.
1 tablespoon creamy peanut butter 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon nonfat dry milk 1 tablespoon unflavored instant oatmeal 1 apple