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also un·fo·cussed  (ŭn-fō′kəst)
1. Not brought into focus: an unfocused lens.
2. Not centered on anything specific: "my unfocused broodings about love and loyalty" (John le Carré).


(ʌnˈfəʊkəst) or


1. (of eyes) open but not looking at anything
2. not clearly formed or showing a clear purpose
3. (Photography) (of an image) blurry
4. (of the mind) lacking focus or attention


(ʌnˈfoʊ kəst)

1. not brought into focus; lacking proper focus: an unfocused camera.
2. lacking a clear purpose, direction, or target.
Also, esp. Brit.,un•fo′cussed.
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Adj.1.unfocused - (of an image) not being in or brought into focus; "at their edges things were pretty much out of focus"
focused, focussed - being in focus or brought into focus
2.unfocused - not concentrated at one point or upon one objective; "diversity...in our huge unfocused country"- Owen Wister
distributed - spread out or scattered about or divided up


unfocussed [ˈʌnˈfəʊkəst] ADJ [eyes] → desenfocado; [desires] → sin objetivo concreto, nada concreto; [energies] → que carece de dirección


adj eyesunkoordiniert; debateweitschweifig; campaignzu allgemein angelegt; to be unfocused (person) → sich nicht aufs Wesentliche konzentrieren


unfocussed [ʌnˈfəʊkəst] adj (camera) → non a fuoco; (gaze, eyes) → perso/a nel vuoto; (aims, desire) → vago/a
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We recently caught a special yearender telecast to that effect, and the panel of expert commentators quickly talked itself into an unfocused rut, because it attempted to comment on all of those areas.
You can find unFocused for sale at multiple venues, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Google Play.
While having a clear narrative is a huge advantage, having long resumes that exceed two pages are considered unprofessional because a endless or unfocused resume shows your desperation to get hired.
Jim Troughton made 30 but the rest was a sorry procession of unfocused batting and loose shots with no-one from number five downwards reaching double-figures.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Despite the claims by the western media that occupy wall street protests are aimless and unfocused, anti-capitalism protests are gaining vigor and have actually gone global.
BAD POINTS: The unfocused and underpowered plot is messy.
Arguing that brain power is wasted on mundane and unfocused activities, the work offers a series of lessons intended to help clarify one's creative objectives and to reach towards larger goals such as writing a novel, composing a symphony or discovering a scientific breakthrough.
Unfocused carping without tabling a single credible alternative is no substitute for serious analysis, exposing the fatal shallowness of Tory thinking.
Rafter is super unfocused, but it's the kind of unfocused that is idiosyncratic and full of weird sounds made listenable by their place within the song's structure.
Berbatov was left out of Juande Ramos' squad after being accused of being unfocused and having a negative effect as he looks for a transfer to Manchester United from White Hart Lane.
In a damning report for think tank Demos, Professor Anthony Forster from Durham Univeristy says the British armed forces have been let down by "under investment" and an unfocused brief.
Our energy policies tend to be dysfunctional and unfocused, shaped often without coherence by Congress, the executive branch and the courts and influenced by fossil-fuel producers, by specific renewable-energy lobbies and by environmental groups.