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v. un·fold·ed, un·fold·ing, un·folds
1. To open and spread out (something folded); extend.
2. To remove the coverings from; disclose to view: unfold a package.
3. To reveal gradually by written or spoken explanation; make known: "He unfolded his tale of woe: the descriptions of poverty and the great distance they had traveled, the abuses they had suffered, the injustice of it all" (Robert Rosenberg).
a. To become spread out; open out: Spring flowers unfolded everywhere.
b. To develop or occur as a series of events or stages: "The trial unfolded in an imposing, high-ceilinged courtroom in Westminster Hall" (Adam Hochschild).
2. To be revealed gradually to the understanding: A solution to the problem unfolded as they spoke.

un·fold′ment n.
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the process of unfolding
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He says there is yoga for physical fitness, balancing the mind, emotional stability and spiritual unfoldment. Aside from having great spaces for yoga sessions, India is also home of theOoty Tea Factory, situated amid the blue hills of Nilgiris, perched at an altitude of approximately 1,839 meters above sea level.
Furthermore, the rush to categorize the incident as classified is in line with the unfoldment of events during the sinking of the Kursk nuclear-powered submarine in the same Barents Sea nearly 20 years ago.
is a phase of the innate human blueprint of spiritual unfoldment, or the
Different people interfere in the practice, which refers to the patient's entire treatment, to the unfoldment of everything that is necessary to develop care.
If we observe the unfoldment of Nature we might as well find ourselves at one with it and experience its 'Naturalness', its pristine glory and grandeur; its virginity.
A loud and cheerful celebration it will be next Friday when the Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment (Fisu) will celebrate 30 years on the island.
So too is the pole of our outer unfoldment that gives us space.
Structured play--interactions with others or with objects in which a theme provides a creative context for the unfoldment of learning through purposeful movement.
Let ritual become an unfoldment of the Christ nature of us all instead of a fixation on the fact that Jesus knew and lived according to his Christ nature.
While one single acupoint pattern may be sufficient to re-establish life force flow through the body's chakras and life force systems, the body is likely to need unfoldment boosts' (signal reinforcements) at stages to hold and expand upon an energetic realignment in accordance with challenges presented by an individual's life journey and how they deal with them.
What we can verify is that Yoakum described his drawing activity as a "spiritual unfoldment," believing that the meaning of the picture was revealed to him while he worked on it.
The process of unfoldment and re-enfoldment is therefore considered to be fundamental (Bohm, 1995, p.