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Earning a permanent place in the memory; memorable: an unforgettable experience.

un′for·get′ta·bil′i·ty, un′for·get′ta·ble·ness n.
un′for·get′ta·bly adv.
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Adv.1.unforgettably - in a memorable mannerunforgettably - in a memorable manner; "Horowitz could play Chopin memorably"
بصورَةٍ لا تُنْسى
unutulmaz bir şekilde


[ˈʌnfəˈgetəblɪ] ADVde manera inolvidable
unforgettably beautifultan hermoso que resulta inolvidable


advauf unvergessliche Weise


(anfəˈgetəbl) adjective
never able to be forgotten. The experience was unforgettable.
ˌunforˈgettably adverb
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The dramatic 42 miles of the famous st Highland line from Fort William to Mallaig, and the nostalgic trip on the steam-hauled Strathspey Railway complete an unforgettably scenic few days in one of Scotland's most beautiful regions.
REVIEW Mrs Kapoor's Daughter's Wedding The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham By Annabal Bagdi It was a Bollywood-inspired spectacle, overflowing with comical sketches poking fun at those unforgettably extravagant Asian weddings.
Finding them will unforgettably connect Wyatt, Robert and Red Eagle.
Jump aboard the soul train as it takes you on an unforgettably smooth music journey from its sixties origins, to present day, via all the classic seventies and eighties floor fillers.
Foregrounding her personal history as a refugee, Bey presents the stories of postcolonial women quickly but unforgettably, like the strangers one glimpses through the windows of a passing train car.
This unforgettably hilarious show from the critically acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company is sure to thrill adventure-seekers everywhere.
Featuring unforgettably flamboyant characters, Sando is a sensational madcap delight!
An especially enticing lucky draw for two treatments at Qi SHISEIDO SALON AND SPA (valued at NT$9,400) is also available for guests who make online reservations at Marco Polo Restaurant before May 6, 2018, which will definitely give guest's beloved mother an unforgettably relaxing holiday!
Unforgettably fond memories of Tom Toman are treasured by all.
They replicated the unforgettably stirring events of his life highlighting some of the attributes of his personality like honesty, integrity, punctuality, determination, devotion and charismatic disposition with due solemnity, sobriety and mature skills of acting and dialogue delivery.
His dam is Light Shift, a daughter of Kingmambo who unforgettably thrust the great Sir Henry Cecil back into the limelight when delivering him a remarkable eighth Oaks success in 2007.