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Adv.1.unforgivingly - without forgivenessunforgivingly - without forgiveness; in an unforgiving manner; "unforgivingly, he insisted that she pay her debt to the last penny"
forgivingly - with forgiveness; in a forgiving manner; "`Never mind,' she said forgivingly"
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Driving feels sharp and responsive, which is good as the races are unforgivingly fast from the get go.
class="MsoNormalspan xml:lang="EN-GBGuests maul your resources unforgivingly.
A less forid, more immediately defensible reformulation of that aphorism would be that "demographics slowly but unforgivingly alter the realm of the possible." In the following pages, I try to show just how the realm of the possible is being reshaped in China by impending demographic changes over the decades immediately ahead.
Rob discovers why the boggy Somerset Levels presented such challenge to lay track upon and the expense of construction becomes even more apparent as he treks into the unforgivingly rocky Mendip Hills, where several grand viaducts had to be built.
You won't thrive if you're focused unforgivingly or anxiously on the past.
Like all open water, Edgbaston Reservoir can be a treacherous place and unforgivingly cold when the wind picks up in winter.
The Moroccan landscape is unforgivingly harsh, as is the action, which is fuelled by the gutsy performance of Matilda Lutz as Jennifer.
Unforgivingly grim material, but the production, with its bare stage, eloquent lighting and evocative off-stage sounds, captured the horror of the forces that bore down on the ultimately powerless victim.
Very, very rarely, there are also those which are HISTORIC." The return to the stage of Cyprus' theatrical grande dame obviously falls in that last-named category, especially in a play which would unforgivingly have exposed any rustiness: the entire second half is a 30-minute monologue by Jenny as Clytemnestra, Agamemnon's wife, standing alone onstage to explain to an unseen judge why she killed her husband 40 years earlier.
Is Mr Farage now squirming as he realizes that the finger of blame for such an outcome will point unforgivingly in his direction?
That complexity has not, however, always been reflected in policy, despite recognition of teaching as "unforgivingly complex" (Cochran-Smith, 2003, p.
His fighting spirit is not relieved by any hope or a faith that transcends illusion, failing him in his attempt to get past the modern world he unforgivingly deplores.