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Adj.1.unfueled - not provided with fuelunfueled - not provided with fuel    
fueled - heated, driven, or produced by burning fuel
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1 (with its assumption that there was no danger of an air attack), and, in accordance with Colonel Burwell's recommendations, to bunch its pursuit planes close together, unfueled and unarmed, to prevent sabotage.
The aircraft were put aboard Langley unfueled but with their guns loaded.
At 6,500 pounds unfueled, the six-seat Mustang weighs less than many sport utility vehicles.
The Transportation Security Administration now will allow airline passengers to pack unfueled lighters in checked bags.
watercraft or aircraft, except when unfueled and manufactured by the Insured.
Nevertheless, the recent NASA demonstration is the "first unfueled, sustainable flight" driven by laser, Bushman says.
12 These missiles are liquid-fueled, with single warheads, and are maintained in silos unfueled and without warheads mated.