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Adj.1.unfueled - not provided with fuelunfueled - not provided with fuel    
fueled - heated, driven, or produced by burning fuel
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(16) These ships could operate on the high seas, thus removing them from territorial interference from other states, and would be unmanned and unfueled, using wind power for motion.
The attribute is the unfueled land clearing, which is very important, as an effort to reduce deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), which is set out in the ISPO Principles and Criteria number: 2.2.1.
A 5 mm thick unfueled matrix graphite shell comprises the outer portion of the sphere.
Two (unfueled) MMRTGs are currently built and in storage at DOE facilities; one is reserved for Mars 2020, and the other could be used on a future mission.
1 (with its assumption that there was no danger of an air attack), and, in accordance with Colonel Burwell's recommendations, to bunch its pursuit planes close together, unfueled and unarmed, to prevent sabotage.
The aircraft were put aboard Langley unfueled but with their guns loaded.
At 6,500 pounds unfueled, the six-seat Mustang weighs less than many sport utility vehicles.
The Transportation Security Administration now will allow airline passengers to pack unfueled lighters in checked bags.