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adj. un·gain·li·er, un·gain·li·est
1. Lacking grace or ease of movement or form; clumsy.
2. Difficult to move or use; unwieldy.

[un- + obsolete gainly, proper (from Middle English gainli, from gain, from Old Norse gegn, direct).]

un·gain′li·ness n.
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Noun1.ungainliness - the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are extremely ungainly and inelegant
clumsiness, awkwardness - the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are ungainly or inelegant
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فَظاظَه، فَظاظَه، إرْتِباك


[ʌnˈgeɪnlɪnɪs] Ndesgarbo m, torpeza f
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(anˈgeinli) adjective
awkward, clumsy or ungraceful. She is rather large and ungainly.
unˈgainliness noun
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There was something monumental in his ungainliness. I do not know how to express precisely the impression he made upon me.
He was much below the middle height, but his large head, which seemed to hang loosely on his body, gave him an odd ungainliness. His features were wide and flattened, and he had prominent, pale eyes; his thin hair was sandy; he wore whiskers that grew unevenly on his face, and in places where you would have expected the hair to grow thickly there was no hair at all.
His ungainliness gave him enough of the air of his simile to set Rosa off laughing heartily.
There is an element of ungainliness about them as they come in to land at their high rise colonies.
His skills of observation and willingness to show chubby infants in all their ungainliness, for example, was extraordinary for the time.
The ungainliness of DCD-affected children-more of them are boys than girls-may cause people to think they're incapable or unintelligent because they can't manage basic tasks.
The ungainliness of Jennings' batting was highlighted by the elegance of Tom Latham, a New Zealander who also learned what it was like to be dropped by his country this year.
(23) His gestures were lighter and quicker; he had nothing of Cyril's ungainliness; he had not Cyril's limitless taste for sweets, nor Cyril's terrific hatred of gloves, barbers, and soap.
But the bodies of drowned men, whether killed outright and with intent by an enemy, or by some futile error of judgment like breaking one's neck with a life jacket, or at length after a very long struggle with cold and darkness, or caught in a squall in a mishandled sailing boat, whether crusted with burnt oil scum in the bitter Atlantic water or lolling idle as seaweed under a Mediterranean sun; the bodies of the drowned men eventually lie face down in the sea, humped up in a posture of poignant ungainliness, suggesting no image of life.
In their long evolution, Fischl's paintings have moved from blunt ungainliness to breathtaking virtuosity, and this expertise was amply demonstrated in the present exhibition.
The sisters express spontaneity and a lack of consciousness in their play, allowing us to revel in the gorgeous ungainliness of youth and sisterly affection.