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Adj.1.unglamourous - not challengingunglamourous - not challenging; dull and lacking excitement; "an unglamorous job greasing engines"
unexciting - not exciting; "an unexciting novel"; "lived an unexciting life"
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Johnson is also expected to speak about the 'unglamourous local services which people use every day', such as buses, stressing his vision is about 'services within cities, not just services between cities.'.
" Those doubts he has had to overcome were sewn when after coming through the Spurs academy he was sent out on loan to the unglamourous duo of Leyton Orient and Millwall.
Rourke's film The Wrestler - which documented, warts-and-all, the often unglamourous side to life on the independent wrestling circuit - also chimes loudly with Street when I question why he eventually chose to give up life in the ring.
Look at the top sixes -- people like Richard Hill and Jerome Kaino, these sort of boys -- the do so much of the unglamourous work that nobody sees.
Klopp's journeyman playing career took in stops at unglamourous outposts including Rot-Weiss Frankfurt and Mainz, while Guardiola played for over a decade in the rarified air of Barcelona, where the local boy made good became a Catalan icon.
Those who do turn out for these two unglamourous yet vitally important games need to sing their socks off.
This is an honest book about men at war doing an unglamourous but dangerous job during a war without clear definition.
The 36-year-old will appear as the unglamourous Sheila in the brand new TV adaptation ofDavid Walliams' children's book Ratburger, which airs on Christmas Eve on Sky.
(And the costs to Russia were high: The foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, supported the disinformation campaign, which further soured Russian-German relations.) Another German advantage in the age of information warfare is our utterly unglamourous but practically scandal-free political class.
IF you consider camping to be primitive, unglamourous, and uncomfortable, then you can think again.
The Legislature doesn't have the money to increase OHP reimbursement, Austin said, adding that it's not easy to lure dentists to remote and unglamourous places.