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1. Loosened or separated; unfastened.
2. Informal In confused distress; upset.
come unglued Informal
To lose one's composure.


not fixed by glue



separated or detached; not glued.
come unglued, Informal.
a. to lose emotional control.
b. to disintegrate; fall apart: Negotiations have come unglued.
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You may recall the NHGOP state comm, came slightly unglued in the wake of JH's decision to pen a letter excoriating Congressman Frank "No Apologies" Guinta, he of the Incredible Mixed-Up Bank Account, RB provides his pals/not-so-pals with a tongue-in-cheek list of what DIDN'T happen at the NH Dems' meet-up.
I do know a pair of good shoes bought less than a year ago has come unglued from the sole.
MATT ATT A slumped as though his bones had come unglued.
The front and back, however, feature an open-layered design that uses friction between unglued layers of foam to "grab" arrows quickly while also allowing easy shaft removal.
Glue the shapes together, leaving the half-inch section unglued.
Mark Dubovitz, a sanctions specialist with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said such a sanctions-in-waiting law have real a benefit right away because many people are listening to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu say almost daily that the sanctions are becoming unglued and everyone will soon be trading with Iran.
Friendly neighbours are unglued when prodigal daughter Leighton Meester hitches up with next-door-dad Hugh Laurie (above).
TLC) A bride obsessed with candy and crystals comes unglued when she's asked to scale back her extravagant plans for the wedding of her dreams.
He has set his sights on New Age guru Dr Sinja for his own selfish purposes, but Dr Sinja is on to him and Jack's life comes unglued after a magical Bodhi tree mysteriously appears in his backyard.
Levant States Coming Unglued as Iraq teeters on Edge of Civil War and Syria Beset by over 1000 militias The Levant States seem to be coming unglued as the fighting in Fallujah pushes Iraq toward civil war.
The company stuck to its prestige roots even as the world's financial system was coming unglued.