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Not in accord with the rules of grammar.

un′gram·mat′i·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
un′gram·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌʌnɡrəˈmætɪkəl) or


(Grammar) (of a sentence) not regarded as correct by native speakers of the language
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(ˌʌn grəˈmæt ɪ kəl)

not conforming to the rules or principles of grammar or accepted usage.
un`gram•mat′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.ungrammatical - not grammatical; not conforming to the rules of grammar or accepted usage
well-formed, grammatical - conforming to the rules of grammar or usage accepted by native speakers; "spoke in grammatical sentences"
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[ˈʌngrəˈmætɪkəl] ADJincorrecto desde el punto de vista gramatical
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adjungrammatisch, grammatikalisch falsch; she does tend to be ungrammatical at timessie drückt sich manchmal grammatikalisch falsch aus
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[ˌʌngrəˈmætɪkl] adjsgrammaticato/a, scorretto/a
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'If you can wade through a few sentences of malice, meanness, falsehood, perjury, treachery, and cant,' said Slurk, handing the paper to Bob, 'you will, perhaps, be somewhat repaid by a laugh at the style of this ungrammatical twaddler.'
Being safe, now, I began to puzzle through my sincere but ungrammatical thanks, when there was a sudden mutual recognition --the benefactress and I had met at Allerheiligen.
"Out with it!" he shouted, and in one ungrammatical sentence, as long as the ribbons that conjurers [magicians] pull from their mouths, she told of the capture of Wendy and the boys.
"A good story is a good story--no matter who it's about," said the Story Girl with ungrammatical relish.
And it amused him; it gratified that irregularly sociable side of his nature which had always expressed itself in a relish for ungrammatical conversation, and which often, even in his busy and preoccupied days, had made him sit on rail fences in young Western towns, in the twilight, in gossip hardly less than fraternal with humorous loafers and obscure fortune-seekers.
In the best French which he could muster, and which was in sooth of a very ungrammatical sort, Jos besought the hussar to tell his tale.
If another Gunpowder Plot had been discovered half an hour before the lighting of the match, nobody would have been justified in saving the parliament until there had been half a score of boards, half a bushel of minutes, several sacks of official memoranda, and a family-vault full of ungrammatical correspondence, on the part of the Circumlocution Office.
Thus, the test included five unaccusative verbs (nacer 'be born', morir 'die', llegar 'arrive', existir 'exist', desaparecer 'disappear'), five unergative verbs (correr 'run', caminar 'walk', dormir 'sleep', hablar 'speak', trabajar 'work'), and 23 transitive verbs as distractor items appearing in a total of 59 sentences (16 grammatical, 20 ungrammatical, 23 grammatical distractors) presented in randomized order.
But it's a definite minus when misused in the sense of 'what's more.' Over and above the fact that all gifts are free ipso facto, plus used in this manner is both ungrammatical and unnecessary." Contact Bob at hillwriter@worldnet.att.net.
I'd rather read the New Yorker, or Texas Monthly, or a book or even watch television than waste my time reading the misspelled, ungrammatical, virulent opinions of someone whose age is a lot closer to Sagan (then) than to me (now) and whose maturity is non-existent.
But now the slogan is being criticized by Zwelithini as being "ungrammatical, incorrect use of the Zulu language."
Unlike Henmania, which has come in for criticism on the site because it is ungrammatical.