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Adj.1.ungrasped - not fully apprehendedungrasped - not fully apprehended; "the ungrasped infinite ground of all being"- Philip Wheelwright
ununderstood - not understood; "should not tamely submit to the unpredictable and ununderstood cycles of wars"- Psychiatry
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[64] further developed an autologous transplantation of the ILM for refractory MHs in which the surgeon grasps the ILM flap from the ungrasped area to cover the hole for patients who undergo ILM peeling.
In reality, "[i]t is the incomprehensible act of surviving--of waking into life--that repeats and bears witness to what remains ungrasped within the encounter with death" (6).
Ungrasped but played within, never to be exhausted by the ambitions of knowledge, whose discomforts marked a desperate rowing toward divinity.
Entrepreneurship involves taking actions to seize previously ungrasped profit opportunities.
It led, also, to the revelation that his own social dislocations provided him with a unique opportunity, hitherto ungrasped. He was one who "knew fairly well both West-country life in its less explored recesses and the life of an isolated student cast upon the billows of London with no protection but his brains" (Life, p.
Anything we can communicate as identity, then, becomes a function of this dialectic between the specular image of an integrated self available only in the mirror and the asymptotic desire, forever aspired to yet forever ungrasped, to embody a totalizing ideal of iconic self-coherence.
Unable to come to terms with the past, West's soldier is immersed in the incomprehensible act of surviving --of waking into life--that he repeats by bearing witness to what remains ungrasped within his encounter with death.