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Adj.1.ungratifying - not likely to be rewardedungratifying - not likely to be rewarded; "grading papers is a thankless task"
unrewarding - not rewarding; not providing personal satisfaction
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Consequently many Russian analysts have admitted that the so-called pivot to Asia is more talk than action and this pivot actually is a rather ungratifying pivot only to China.
Diese Intention rechtfertige auch die sexuell expliziten Passagen, denn loveless and therefore ungratifying sex gehore zu den Phanomenen, die Petronius kritisiere.
Crossman further added, "We understand customers don't always have time to bank during official hours, and it can be quite ungratifying to drive home in the evening from the city centre to return back to the rush hour traffic to attend to minor banking matters.
"So imagine if you don't enjoy shopping, and you've just downsized your big house in the suburbs for a downtown loft and you have to buy toilet paper -- completely ungratifying."
THE week's most ungratifying sight was of an aged Bangladeshi Muslim waving his walking stick angrily at a television camera.
The ravishing Layale (Nadine Labaki) is in love with a married man, which makes the painful leg-waxing treatment she executes on his unsuspecting wife both supremely awkward but not altogether ungratifying. It also blinds her to the flirtations of a local police officer, who writes Layale numerous parking tickets mostly to spark some reaction in her.
Moss, playing the ungratifying role of Mini's angry, drink-addled mother, manages to wring enough sympathy out of the character to keep her from becoming a suburban cartoon.