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Adj.1.unguaranteed - without financial securityunguaranteed - without financial security; "an unsecured note"
unsafe, insecure - lacking in security or safety; "his fortune was increasingly insecure"; "an insecure future"
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It also assured that the strike will not affect the public transport in the capital.Unionists' demands"This strike is being held due to the unsatisfactory conditions of drivers and unguaranteed social benefits," Hitka said, as quoted by SITA.
These junior unsecured, unguaranteed securities will get nothing when Hyflux is not performing nor is Hyflux obligated legally to pay them in current conditions.
The less fortunate Syrians, let down by everyone in the region and beyond, are left to their own devices in trying to negotiate their families' return with the help of local, unguaranteed assurances of safety, while some have had to denounce land and property.
'Failure by the county government to automate revenue remains a challenge leading to the loss and unguaranteed expenses as the county executive has not automated all its sources of internally collected revenue such as the bus park fees, single business permits and market fees among others,' reads part of the financial year 2017-18 audit report.
The notes represent CDBALF's direct, unconditional, unsubordinated and unsecured obligations and rank at least pari passu with all its other current and future direct, unsecured, unguaranteed and unsubordinated debt.
K-Series Deals are part of the company's business strategy to transfer a portion of the risk of losses away from taxpayers and to private investors who purchase the unguaranteed subordinate bonds, such as the B-Piece.
The reigning NBA champions are said to have made another offer, which is a two-year $5.2 million deal with the second year unguaranteed. A (https://www.sfchronicle.com/warriors/article/Patrick-McCaw-mulling-2-year-4-million-offer-13273438.php) San Francisco Chronicle report initially suggested the shooting guard was considering the contract from his current employers, but (http://www.espn.in/nba/story/_/id/24865234/patrick-mccaw-golden-state-warriors-decline-2-year-offer) ESPN's Marc J.
In summary, the lessor will record lease payments receivable for their present values at the commencement date of the lease payments, plus the present value of any unguaranteed residual asset value at the end of the lease term (ASC 842-30-30-1).
Ebdaa Bank for microfinance has launched two new loans Al Najah and Altafawq, offering more financial unguaranteed loans for Bahraini low-incomers.
Since it's actually an operator-provided and supported cellular signal being brought into the building, users receive a guaranteed level of service, as opposed to unguaranteed performance of a voice-over-WiFi, for example.