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in thy bright, clear flow Of crystal, wandering water, Thou art an emblem of the glow Of beauty - the unhidden heart - The playful maziness of art In old Alberto's daughter;
Maybe I understood because I saw her in that early hour of the morning when even the stony Memnon sings, in that mystical light of the young day when divine exiled things, condemned to rough bondage through the noon, are for a short magical hour their own celestial selves, their unearthly glory as yet unhidden by any earthly disguise.
A source within the APGA disclosed to the Nigerian Tribune that, given the closeness of Governor Obiano to Buhari and his being the governor on the platform of the APGA notwithstanding, his public admiration for the president and unhidden support for his second term bid in the build up to the last presidential election may be considered factor strong enough for the governor to influence the choice of who eventually becomes the ministerial nominee from the state.
We had a few-a few-slices of Binagoongang Lechon Kawali with special bagoong sauce, its fat unhidden, and Bangus Belly Kabayaki (bangus belly that is sweet soy sauce-based and glazed).
"I've also begun to see many couples request limited phone use throughout their celebrations, keeping everyone present and unhidden by a phone screen."
These conversations can lead to assessing the connection to cultural and social issues or representations that are hidden or unhidden in the messaging.
Soliciting information from the citizen without consulting his/her profile (unhidden).Not sharing office contact details for convenience of the complainants while soliciting the requisite information.
This word is derived from the word lethe (for hidden, veiled) and the privation 'a', thus creating unhidden or revealed.
The look of a person's life engraved in unhidden lines.
If you remain true to yourself, someone will see it, and will choose you, because you are unhidden.
Such a veneer is uniquely American, as European sports have never maintained such a fiction; instead, the racialization and politicization of sports across this continent are ever-present and unhidden.