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adj. un·ho·li·er, un·ho·li·est
1. Wicked; immoral.
2. Not hallowed or consecrated.
3. Outrageous: took unholy risks to win the downhill race.

un·ho′li·ly adv.
un·ho′li·ness n.
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in an unholy manner
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An entire chapter, for instance, is committed to the standard but incommensurable prejudices of white culture--for example, that "all Negroes constantly indulge in ferocious fighting with knives, but all Negro soldiers are afraid of and abstain from ferocity, fighting, and all forms of cold steel," or again that "all Negro males have such wondrous sexual powers that they unholily fascinate all white women and all Negro males are such uncouth monsters that no white woman whatsoever could possibly be attracted by one" (180).
To refer to Persuasion is to skip ahead; the gathered loose ends of all of Austen's happy endings look unholily entertaining, once detached from the control of the author's delicate prose.