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Adj.1.unhomogenised - not having undergone homogenization
unblended - not blended or mixed together
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Mr Johnson claimed to have met "completely unhomogenised, unpasteurised" people, including the hen do, at the airport on his last visit to Scotland.
Some coconut milks have homogenisers added to prevent the solids from separating, but for this recipe you want the solid cream that forms at the top of the can, so buy unhomogenised milk.
And Acorn Dairy near Darlington (www.acorndairy.co.uk) also sells litres of unhomogenised milk.
Some even contain pasteurised unhomogenised milk, giving those much-missed cream lines and a real taste of nostalgia.
ONE key product Llaethdy Llyn is keeto highlight is its unhomogenised milThis produces a layer of cream on thtop of the milk - once beloved by pecking birds and hungry humans aliAs the butterfat molecules are not dispersed throughout the rest of the milk, it must be shaken before poured - or creamed off for a moment of guiltpleasure.
Though the release profile of B12 from unhomogenised preparation showed the same trend the burst release was low and only 60% of the drug was released after 14 days.
Research identified that if younger households were attracted to buy into Jersey and Guernsey milk, a wider choice of variants were required alongside the popular full cream, unhomogenised Gold Top milk.